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Jungle siege

The jungle has been taken over by a hostile army.Build up and control your army to destroy the Baddi...

Crazy Golf Ish

Shoot the fish towards its glass bowl. Sushi tastes great, but try to be careful for any obstacles o...

Dino panic

juju has died and its up to you to save the tribe. Your goal is to find the relic that JuJu had and ...

Run jerry run

Tom has caught Jerry while he was stealing a nice tasty block of cheese from the fridge. Run away fr...

Amigo pancho 3

Make Pancho to pass the border activating mechanisms and avoiding all the dangers that you find.

Amigo pancho 2

Your mission is to help them escape Pancho flying with balloons, for this you must click on the obje...

wake up the box 5

Draw different pieces to fall and awaken sleeping boxes.

Scoops n Ladder

Donald needs your help making the tallest ice cream cone in the world.

Tom and Jerry Coloring 2

Colour this beautiful cartoon picture of Tom and Jerry and bring life to the picture.


Not all the animals can fly. But, with a little bit of help coming from you, our dog, turtle, squirr...

Alvin and the Chipmunks Snack Attack

Try to satisfy Theodore's appetite. But be careful. If you make a mess,Dave will blow his top.

Monsterland 2

Remove the blocks in the correct order for the small red piece on the large falls.

Unfreeze me

Thaw the chicks throwing a jet of water at them to get different objects should be placed in the rig...

My Undead Neighbors 3

Mr. Clumsy has accidentally discovered the city of gold; El Dorado! What a good luck! But finding th...

Spaceman max

Click on the boxes to the astronaut to fall into the exit using the available objects at each level.

Extreme Florist

Help Valerie Valentine deliver as many bouquets of roses as you can before time runs out!

Daffy wizard

Daffy Duck is adventuring to the magical power of Celestia. He will face many enemies, but none will...

Angry granny 2

Bash the chavs to collect their money!Click your mouse to swing granny's weapon.

Relic rush

You are an intrepid archaeologist in the style of Indiana Jones. Your objective is to steal a very v...

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